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About Us

We Build for People


STRUCTEK Solutions  

STRUCTEK was founded in Houston in 2005, and everyday I’m inspired by the projects I get to work on. In all my designs, I strive to find the perfect balance between comfort and beauty. My goal is not only to create beautiful structures but to improve the way we live. I’m passionate about people and spaces, and I always design with functionality in mind.

Take a glimpse at a select sample of projects I’ve designed over the years. I’m passionate about finding the right solution for your needs, whether it’s a residence, office building, restaurant, park or any other type of space. I’m ready to create and design a space that satisfies your preferences and vision.


With the pursuit of creating beautiful spaces that people interact with. Whether I’m designing a new building lobby or developing an outdoor recreational center, my goal is to create aesthetically pleasing and livable spaces. Behind every beautiful building is a great design. To have your next project designed by STRUCTEK, get in touch today.


It’s hard to do everything alone. That’s why I work with a talented team of professionals to complete each project on time. We come together from different backgrounds and expertise to help shape the direction of the project with creative ideas and quality work. Learn more about the team I work with below.


Our Mission

We Aim to Build a Better World

STRUCTEK was born out of a passion to transform the land into livable spaces. In addition to projects for homes and workspaces, I’ve also designed parks, recreation centers, and community spaces. Every design is informed by the surrounding environment, my clients, and the people that will use the space.

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